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Nagpur Metro: Metro without Train Drivers on Track

Nagpur Metro: Metro without Train Drivers on Track

Nagpur: The city’s metro rail will be utilizing the most recent innovation for signaling whereby the trains can handle without drivers. Be that as it may, Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (NMRCL) will at present use drivers as extra security measure and for expanding mental solace level of the riders. This innovation will permit higher recurrence of trains.

“We have chosen to utilize correspondence based train control (CBTC). This framework is just utilized as a part of the new metros. In our nation it is being utilized as a part of Hyderabad. In numerous outside nations, numerous trains utilizing this innovation don’t have drivers by any means,” a NMRCL official said.

“There is correspondence between two trains in this sort of signaling. This guarantees a settled separation is kept up between them. This separation relies on upon the most extreme pace of the trains on the track,” he included.

The fundamental goal of CBTC is to build limit by securely diminishing the time interim (progress) between trains going along a line. By method for CBTC frameworks, the precise position of a train is known more precisely than with the customary signaling frameworks. This outcomes is in a more proficient and safe approach to deal with the railroad activity. Less number of wayside hardware is required. CBTC types of gear are less demanding to introduce and commission.

Customary signaling frameworks depend on the identification of trains in segments of the railroad track called a piece. Every piece is secured by signaling that keep a train from entering an involved square.

On cost, the authority said that the new innovation costs pretty much same as routine one. “The product of this framework is costlier yet this is balanced by prerequisite for lesser number of gears,” he included. NMRCL authorities have begun setting up the delicate record for purchasing CBTC. “The tenders will be coasted in a few months,” the authority said.

Then, NMRCL has chosen to create 14 MW through sunlight based force. “Our prerequisite is between 20 MW and 25 MW. Utilizing sun oriented vitality will spare us operational expense of Rs 4 crore for each year. This will lessen the expense of the tickets,” the authority said. The sunlight based boards will be introduced on station rooftops, on the southern side of the limit divider and on NMRCL structures.

Four firms shortlisted for Sitabuldi station plan

NMRCL has shortlisted four engineering firms for setting up the configuration of Munje Square and Zero Mile metro stations. Twenty-three firms had offered for the work of which 13 were shortlisted. Another round of shortlisting conveyed the number to four. They are: Ratan J Batliboy Associates (Mumbai), Fountainhead (Delhi), Enia Architects (France) and Vishwanath Associates (Hyderabad). A joined jury of NMRCL authorities and outside specialists will pick three out of these four and after that monetary offers will be opened. The fruitful firm will be given 80 weeks to outline the stations. They will need to manage development as well.



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