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Nagpur Metro Rail Route Map

In mid-2012 Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) asked for DMRC to give Consultancy administrations to the planning of a Detailed Project Report for Metro Rail System in Nagpur, Maharashtra at first for 30 km which was reexamined to 42 km in July 2012. From that point, DMRC directed Traffic Surveys, Topographical Surveys, Geotechnical Investigations and Environment Impact Assessment Survey. The study region comprised of Nagpur Municipal Corporation Area. The study region totaled to roughly 217 km2. In view of the diverse sorts of studies done by DMRC, metro arrangements were finished after rehashed review of the street system, crossing points, traveler movement stream, activity blockage, network to vital area employments.

With the Nagpur Metro Rail Project accepting approval from the Union Cabinet on Wednesday, August 20, 2014, Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi is modified to put the establishment stone of the task by 21st August 2014. Nagpur Metro Rail, being set up with the aim to diminish the activity packing in the urban parts of the Nagpur city, is relied upon to be done by December 2016. The Nagpur metro rail system has been wanted to improve the city’s transportation framework, and in this manner, help in the quick advancement of the thirteenth biggest city of the nation.

The Nagpur metro rail system will be spread over a length of around 38.21 km. It will be useful on two passages, to be specific the North-South Corridor and the East-West Corridor. The 19.65 km long North-South Corridor will be running from Automotive Square to MIHAN and the East-West Corridor which is 18.55 km long will be developed from Prajapati Nagar to Lokmanya Nagar. Aggregate number of stations on Corridor No. 1 and Corridor No. 2 would be 17 and 19, separately.

Nagpur Metro Route


First Station:- Automotive Square

Last Station:- Khapari

Number of Stations – 17, All Elevated except Airport to MIHAN City route. (For Station details please see above map)

Link to other Corridors – At Munje Square


First Station:- Prajapati Nagar

Last Station:- Lokmanya Nagar

Number of Stations – 19, All Elevated. (For Station details please see above map)

Link to other Corridors – At Munje Square

According to the venture gauges, Rs 8,680 crore will be put resources into the Nagpur Metro Rail Project, out of which Rs 1,555 crore will be contributed through the Government of India. The Government of India will contribute monetarily to the undertaking as subordinate obligation and value. Likewise, the task will get money related backing from the Improvement Trust of Nagpur, City itself and Industrial Development Corporation, Maharashtra Airport Development Company, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation and Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation and

The endeavor will be finished under the supervision of the Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation, which will be driven by the Urban Development Secretary. For the post of the Directors on the Board of the organization, there will be 10 chosen people, out of which five will be named by the Government of India and five by the state government. Additionally, the Managing Director of the organization will be a chosen one of the Maharashtra government.



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